Keywords : MATLAB

Information Hiding Based on Chan-Vese Algorithm

Samia Sh. Lazar; Nadia M. Mohammed

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2011, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 99-110
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2011.7876

The process of data transfer via the Internet becomes an easy process as a result of the great advances in networking technologies, and now many people can communicate with each other easily and quickly through them.Because the online environment is general and open, the unauthorized one can control information were transmitted between any two parts and interception of getting access for it, because of that there is an emergency need for write covered, which is the science of hiding secret information in a digital cover such as an images, so it is impossible for the normal person and others unauthorized to detected or perceives. In this paper, the technology in the field of information hiding in the images is developed, where first, the cover (PNG, BMP) image is segmented using Chan-Vese algorithm, then the text will hide in the segmented image depending on the areas of clipping.The standards (PSNR, BER) are used to measure technical efficiency. In addition the algorithm of this technique is implemented in Matlab.

On Expectation Correlate System and Chaotic Dynamics in Time-Series

Ali Makho Siker

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2004, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 173-186
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2004.164117

This paper suggests a new system of time-series called  Expectation Correlate System (ECS) that are good at detecting the behavior of  dynamical  systems (both deterministic and stochastic systems) and the dependence on initial values. A new measure on sensitivity to initial values can be monitored by the newly defined Lyaponov Correlate, so ECS can be a signal to chaotic property. In a stochastic systems, small shifts in some initial value can lead to error in prediction, this property and a new measure to nonlinear systems are study by using the conditional variance of  ECS. All results are computed by using Matlab.