Keywords : Tigirs river

Using Digital Image Processing for Studying Hydrological Behavior of Tigirs River at Mosul City

Muhammad F. Omar; Khattab Faten A. Mustafa

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 177-192
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2007.164010

Recently, the applications of the remote sensing increased in hydrology studies and waters management especially that concerned with rivers basins. This research includes using digital image processing applications on Mosul images for studying hydrological behavior of Tigirs river at mosul city. By the application of a set of operations that belong to digital    image process, which include preprocessing and enhancement images.
The result of these applications showed a perfect image covering all river  in the study area, with high contrast ratio equal (2.455) and with a small error equals (0.099). as well as getting four segments for Tigers river which represent the changes in the state and capacity of the river.