Keywords : Laptop

Computer Monitoring and Security System Using Bluetooth Technology

Mhmood Shuker Majeed; Abdul Sattar Muhammad Khidhir; Firas Abdul Rahman Yosif

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2010, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 19-32
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2010.163906

The design and implementation of security, monitoring and controlling system with data communication based on Bluetooth technology is described. The application has been accomplished using wireless Bluetooth USB into the motion detector to demonstrate the establishment of connection and the changing of the motion detector settings. There will be a Graphic User Interface (GUI) implemented on the User Laptop and protocol written to let the user configure the motion detector sensitivity and range also monitoring using wireless surveillance camera.
The study also describes an investigation into implementation potential of remote access methods to laptop using PC Anywhere method. The implementation process consisting of application architecture design, system requirement, software design, hardware design and establish Bluetooth connection is described in detail. Experimental results show that the designed system is more reliable, flexible and easy to use.

Home Automation Management with WLAN (802.11g) and RF Remote Control

Mahmood S. Majeed; Abdulsattar M. Khidhir; Firas A. Yosif

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2009, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 111-124
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2009.163770

The home automation becomes important, because it gives the user the comfort and ease for using the home devices. The implementation and design of wireless home automation control use two methods, WLAN technology and RF remote control handheld to control selective home devices with integral security and protected system. The devices have been distributed in two rooms, each room has own board, these boards are connected to the desktop personal computer (PC) through one serial port RS-232 via microcontroller. The software consists of Assembly Language for programming microcontroller (AT89C51and AT89C2051) and Visual Basic Language that use to communicate between PC and two boards, also it use to design Graphical User Interface (GUI) which involving all devices needed to display in Home PC screen .  The system is low cost and flexible with the increasing variety of devices to be controlled.