Keywords : Enterprise Architect

Analysis of Requirements Phase as a Step for Software Engineering Automation

Abdul Sattar M. Khidhir; Noor L. Shihab

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2013, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 63-75
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2013.163527

Requirements engineering is the first phase of the software engineering process. This phase is the basis of other phases, so it is a very critical phase. Incomplete, ambiguous and misunderstanding requirements lead to fail in the product. For this reason, attention must be increased in requirements engineering  to obtain accurate, complete and unambiguous requirements to satisfy users' needs in their products.
In this paper, an attempt to analyze the requirement phase and produce analysis model is presented by using EA (Enterprise Architect) tool to offer a smart support for requirements engineering processes and introducing them as basis in requirements development in software engineering automation.

Building a Software System Using a Spiral Model to Evaluate the Overall Risk of Projects Using Fuzzy Number Theory

Jamal Salah Al-Din Sayed Majeed; Ro’a Amer Hussain

AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, 2013, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 365-384
DOI: 10.33899/csmj.2013.163465

This research aims presented a practical application for the process of assessing the overall risk of the projects following the risk management in software engineering steps, the life cycle is the most famous in this area is a (Spiral Model), this model represented by the core of the process to building a system based on customers information taken from them in the form of hearings conversations. This research depended on EA tool (Enterprise Architect) that building by a company (Sparex Systems) for represent the processes of stages to analysis because it is the basis currently used in the world and the most prevalent and most recently the base idea for this work is found the rate of aggregative risk in project by used fuzzy model for fuzzy number by follow Lee's algorithm. This system has been applied a practical in bank / public administration / northern region of the data / analysis and risk assessment of bank credit / short-term and long-term.